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The beginnings of the band go back to December 2009 when first rehearsals took place in Opole. The founder of the group is Paul Kinder, whose ideas set a musical trend of the project. Five months later “the band’s machine” gathers speed, new faces including Krzysztof Ogiela, Kamil Majeski and Wojciech Zalewski join the band. The band  is named BONGOSTAN. The first challenge on a concert stage took place in July 2010 and two months later Bartek Drozd joins the band. The band takes its clear shape, which results in giving 40 concerts in less than 4 months. During plenty of trips Bongostan decides to record their debut album. Works on the album start at the beginning 2011.

In 2011 two crucial moments took place:

–          the first: Bongostan takes part in Winter Song Exchange in Opole where they are honoured                  by possibility to give a concert at Piastonalia 2011 (students’ festival) and  play the song „Nie muszę musieć” on the same stage together with Wojciech Waglewski (Voo Voo) during his concert,

–          the second: in the studio Paweł meets Kinga Berkiewicz and invites her to join forces in recording choruses on the album. Fascinated with her voice Bongostan offers her regular cooperation.

The first concert in a new line-up the band played in a Radio Opole studio. Not loafing about Bongostan finishes works on the debut album and under the record company LION STAGE releases “RASTA KASTA” longplay record. 2012 a year of “RASTA KASTA” was full of stage performances at festivals, Juvenalias, town and communes festivals. Bongostan appeared at many significant reggae festivals in Poland i.e.:

·         REGGAE LAND in Płock,

·         REGGAE ON THE SANDS in Ostrów Wlkp.,

·         THE WARMEST PLACE ON EARTH in Wodzisław Śl.,

·         REGGAE ON THE WARTA RIVER in Gorzowie Wlkp.

The band was invited to a lot of interviews in among others TVP1 (Polish public TV channel), DREAD ZONE programme led by Mirosława “MAKENA” Dzięciołowskiego in Polish Radio 4.

In 2013, after a long cooperation the band decides to part with the saxophone player Krzysztof Dyga and a few other members supporting the wind section. A new face in the band is the second keyboard player Tomek Bartoszewski and a new bass player Paweł Mrocheń. During the rehearsals the band is working on new production which shapes into completely different horizons. Nevertheless there were some gigs at excellent stages i.e.:

·         SLOT ART. FESTIVAL in Lubiąż

·         OSTRÓDA REGGAE FESTVAL in Ostróda

2014 is fascinating. A performance on TVN in the Kuba Wojewódzki program, a performance on the stage of the Peaceful Village of Krishna in Kostrzyn nad Odrą, constant work on the second album, on which many interesting musicians appeared. However, the most important event is the premiere of the album ‘State of bliss’ and showing a completely new face of the band and the fact that our songs are starting to be played by PR Trójka.

2015 is the year of the band’s concerts in the country and abroad, more and more interviews and presence in the media, we believe that a good time has begun for us …

The band in this line-up toured until 2017. Life wrote its script and there was a break lasting almost 3.5 years.

In 2021, we played at the Stolica Reggae Festival in Kluczbork, after which a new line-up was clarified. Michał Gołąb, Jarek Wołoszyn, Marcin Pośpiech and Rafał Piechotta joined the team. We’re back! The decision was made to record the 3rd album, which began with the song Świt. The recording of 12 new numbers began in December 2022 and is due to end in April 2023.

The story goes on…


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